Why Do You Need Blankets To Sleep?

Why Do You Need Blankets To Sleep?

Sleep is essential for our survival. A good night’s rest could often be the difference between good and bad days. Thus, it goes without saying that sleep hygiene is extremely important as well. Beyond having your bedroom lights dimmed, setting the thermostat at the right temperature, and having a bedtime routine, the setup of your bed is also crucial. Most of us have developed a personal preference, whether it be a memory foam pillow, a hard mattress, or silk sheets. However, there is a sleeping habit that most have in common, and that is sleeping under a blanket. 

While bedding used to be a luxury reserved for the rich and powerful, sleeping with blankets is fairly universal these days and there is scientific research to back up why we need blankets to sleep.

Blankets Keep Us Warm

Our circadian rhythm, also known as our sleep cycle, helps us regulate our sleep. Our circadian rhythm causes our core body temperature to drop starting around 2 pm. While the timing can vary depending on whether you’re a night owl, your body temperature will continue to drop into the night. When we reach the rapid eye movement, REM, stage in our sleep cycle, our body loses its ability to regulate its temperature. Blankets can thus help keep us warm by creating a “microclimate” around our body that is higher in temperature than the surrounding environment. The blanket traps heat that our body produces and keeps it close, helping us deal with our lower core body temperatures at night. 

Blankets Increase Serotonin and Melatonin Levels

When we sleep under blankets, the pressure of the blankets signals our nervous system to release serotonin, a calming chemical that can help us relax and prepare for sleep. Serotonin also triggers the release of melatonin – a natural sleep hormone that helps us get ready for bed.

Blankets Make Up Our Nighttime Routine

As children, most of us have been tucked in under a blanket and thus have created an association of being under the cover with sleep. As creatures of habit, this association continues into adulthood and thus being under the blanket cues our body and brain that it is time to go to sleep.

Being Under a Blanket Helps Us Feel Safe

Think about a time in your childhood when you have hidden underneath a blanket after watching a scary movie. For many children, blankets provide a sense of comfort and safety, acting as a barrier to the outside world, and protecting them from imaginary monsters or ghosts. Being under the covers can make them feel safe by creating an invisible bubble, shutting the outside world out. It gives them a sense of control and a layer of protection over an otherwise vulnerable situation, being asleep. 

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