Which Type Of Blankets Does Your Baby Need?

Which Type Of Blankets Does Your Baby Need?

There are many different types of baby blankets ranging in shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, not to mention the personal touches available that make your baby’s blanket truly theirs. With blankets that come adorned with stuffed animals, exciting patterns, or even personalizable ones, the possibilities are endless. However, not every blanket is made equal. it is important to know about the types of baby blankets out there, their differences, and their uses. Here is a basic guide for the types of blankets for babies so you can make an informed decision on the best baby blankets to purchase.

Receiving Blanket

As the most multifunctional of the types of baby blankets, receiving blankets are lightweight and simple, usually measuring about one square yard. Receiving blankets can be used as a layer of buffer between the baby and the outside world when placed on the ground or on any unfamiliar surfaces for babies to lay on. This multipurpose blanket can also be used to catch spit-up, drool, or basically anything else you can think of which makes it the perfect blanket to carry around at all times. 

Security Blanket

Serving as a form of comfort for the baby, security blankets are just as vital for your baby to have as receiving blankets. When purchasing a security blanket for your baby, look for blankets made out of soft plush or fleece. However, they should still be of good quality and durable since babies tend to hold on to them and carry them into their toddler years. Some security blankets have stuffed animals attached to them to make them more appealing. Since these blankets are the ones people hold on to throughout their lives a memory of childhood, consider personalizing your baby’s security blanket so they feel more special to your child. 

Swaddling Blanket

Similar to security blankets, swaddling blankets provide comfort and help calm babies down by keeping them enveloped. However, their difference lies in the functions they have. Swaddling blankets come with attachments that make them easy for swaddling.

Crib Blanket

There are many types of baby blankets for a crib available on the market ranging from crib sheets to crib bedding sets. Make sure to choose your baby’s crib bedding first on comfort and safety and second on style and to never use a blanket in a crib with a sleeping baby. 

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are a great alternative to keep your baby warm without the hazard of a conventional blanket. Sleep sacks are blankets that are sewn shut at the sides and bottoms, with holes for your baby’s head, neck, and arms, and will keep your child safe without the risk of asphyxiation. 

Crocheted Blankets

Finally, handmade crocheted blankets make delightful baby blankets if they are knit of soft yarn. Here at Best Cozy Throws, our blankets are made to order with the best chenille yarn for you and your baby’s ultimate comfort. While crocheted blankets are best used as nursery decorations for the first few months of a baby’s life as their tiny fingers and toes may get caught in the openings of the stitches, our customizable blankets, proudly made in the US, are sure to be a good investment for your child in the long run. 

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