What To Look For In Luxury Throw Blankets

What To Look For In Luxury Throw Blankets

As the perfect finishing touch to your cozy interior, throw blankets are great multifunctional home decor. Providing warmth while adding style to any room, if you are considering investing in luxury throw blankets for your home, here is what to look out for.


A blanket is only as good as its ability to keep you warm. When looking for a luxury throw blanket, choose a material like fleece or wool if you live in a colder climate. Wool is one of the best choices if you are seeking out a warm natural fiber as it wicks moisture away and has heat-retaining properties. If you are looking for a synthetic material, fleece would be a good option as many fleece blankets are double-layered to trap more heat. However, if you live in a particularly biting climate, sherpa throw blankets, which mix faux sheepskin on one side and fleece on the other could be the answer to your chilly nights. As they are made of two layers of materials, they are sure to keep you nice and toasty.

Alternatively, seek out a breathable material like cotton if you live somewhere warmer. If you have concerns about allergies, it is best to seek out hypoallergenic blankets or blankets made out of all-natural fibers. A luxurious hypoallergenic option would be cashmere which provides more warmth than wool and is extremely soft to the touch. No matter the climate, it is crucial that your blanket is easy to clean, durable, and most importantly, comfortable,

A Soft Material

There is no more lavish luxury than lying on your bed or couch and being greeted by the softest of blankets that you can simply melt into for a pleasant evening. The softest throw blankets are typically made with synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic. High-quality fleece blankets can also feel as plush or soft as faux fur, which makes them a delight on the skin. 

Though natural materials are typically not as soft as synthetic materials, if you are looking for a throw blanket made of natural materials, there are options out there. Cashmere and alpaca are soft alternatives to wool while cotton is the softest natural fiber as a more breathable lightweight option. Brushed cotton, in particular, is especially soft as it is a woven cotton fabric brushed during production for that extra smooth touch. Brushed cotton throw blankets have a slightly fuzzy finish, much like fleece or flannel.

At Best Cozy Throws, we use the best chenille yarn to handmake our throw blankets. French for caterpillar, chenille refers to both the fabric and the type of yarn that creates the soft material. The yarn is reminiscent of the fuzzy exterior of a caterpillar when the threads are purposely piled when creating the yarn. While chenille yarn is a pretty new development in the textile industry, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to its softness as well as its iridescence and depth of color and shading, making it the ultimate luxury. If you are interested in purchasing a luxurious throw blanket, head to our website and browse through our wide selection of cozy throws.

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