What Size Throw Blankets Should You Buy For Your Bed?

What Size Throw Blankets Should You Buy For Your Bed?

Throw blankets are a versatile way to add style and warmth to your bed. Serving as both function and fashion, throw blankets can be used as a blanket for one to cozy up under while reading or watching television or as stylish home decor to add color, texture, or pattern to a space. Throw blankets come in multiple sizes and are usually designed to stand out, rather than fullying covering the bed, so it is important to know what size throw blankets to buy for your bed. Below is a guide that will help you determine the perfect throw you should purchase for your bed.

The average size of a throw blanket is usually 50 inches by 60 inches. However, not all throw blankets are made the same so you should always double-check the dimensions when shopping online to prevent disappointment. 

For a Queen Sized Bed

A standard queen-sized blanket would usually be around 90 by 90 inches. However, remember how throw blankets are meant to stand out. Therefore, for a queen-sized bed, you should purchase a throw smaller than the actual blanket for the bed. It is recommended to purchase a 60 by 80 inch throw blanket for your queen-sized bed. 

For a King-Sized Bed

There are plenty of throw blankets of different sizes, so if you want to make your larger bed appear more homely, you can opt for a bigger throw blanket to break up the larger appearance of the bed. Getting a throw blanket approximately 72 by 80 inches is a good versatile option as you can spread it out over your bed or fold it over to cover less of the bed.

It is also important to keep in mind the purpose of the throw blanket as the size you should purchase depends on how you plan to use it. If your primary purpose is to simply use it as home decor, then you should purchase a smaller throw blanket. Other factors to consider when deciding the size of your throw blanket include your height and the design of the blanket.


While a standard-size throw blanket is comfortable for most, if you are purchasing one for your child or are taller, you might want to consider purchasing a throw that is bigger or smaller.


The design of the blanket matters as well. In order to prevent your throw from overpowering other aspects of your bedroom, opt for a smaller throw blanket if the color or patterns are really bold or a bigger one if it is something simple and used for functional purposes.

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