The Advantages Of Buying American-Made Blankets

The Advantages Of Buying American-Made Blankets

Buying American-made products is more than just about patriotism, it helps contribute to a more stable and brighter future for our country. Purchasing an American-made blanket also means you sleep easy under your new covers knowing that you made a purchase that was ethical, of great quality, and helps America as a whole. Read on to find out about the 4 advantages of buying American-made blankets.

Quality of Goods

One of the biggest benefits of buying American-made blankets is the quality of the goods. While shipments and products of foreign imports are checked, there is no guarantee of the quality and longevity of these imported goods. However, when a product is labeled “Made in the USA”, it is guaranteed to be of good quality and excellent craftsmanship. Here at Best Cozy Throws, our blankets are handmade in America with the finest chenille yarn. 

Fair and Safe Working Conditions

When you buy American-made products, you are helping minimize workplace accidents and protecting the rights of manufacturing employees. In America, the government agency OSHA help make sure that working conditions are safe in the manufacturing industry. This means there are lots of controls and regulations to protect the health and safety of workers. Foreign countries, on the other hand, may not have the same level of health and safety. When you buy foreign-made products, it is often hard to track whether they are compensating their workers properly. Sweatshops are rampant in many third-world countries where products are manufactured. Buying foreign products could mean inadvertently supporting the violation of the rights of workers overseas. Shopping American can thus save you the trouble of doing extensive research while ensuring that you are doing your part to be a responsible consumer. 

Provide Jobs to Americans and Boost Economy

By purchasing American-made blankets, you help increase the industry’s revenue and generate more jobs in the manufacturing sector. When you purchase American-made products, you create a demand for American-made products which results in more job creation as there will be a need for people to fulfill the supply. More money also gets invested into the sector which translates into more money being re-invested into manufacturing American-made goods, helping the manufacturing sector to grow.

Better for the Environment

If you are based in America, the best thing you can do for our planet is to shop local. American-based manufacturing operations are held to a high standard and often use sustainable sources to create their products. As opposed to anything produced overseas, a streamlined local supply chain reduces carbon footprint, making it beneficial for the environment. International cargo ships most often produce an outrageous amount of transportation emissions since materials have to be transported via freight to mills and factories for production then transported yet again to a port after the finished textiles are produced and then shipped thousands of miles back to the US. All of this happens even before the product reaches a distribution warehouse. 

Best Cozy Throws is homegrown and proudly American. Our blankets are handmade with the highest quality of yarn and will help keep you warm and comfortable all night long. 


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