Buying Throw Blankets For Your Bed: 6 Things You Shouldn't Do

Buying Throw Blankets For Your Bed: 6 Things You Shouldn't Do

A throw blanket is a perfect addition to your bed, providing comfort and extra warmth on those colder winter days while creating a cozy aesthetic for your interior. However, not all throw blankets are created equal, and purchasing an unsatisfactory one can hurt your wallet. This guide will help you navigate the common mistakes when purchasing throw blankets so you can avoid these errors when investing in a throw blanket for your bed. 

Overlook Quality of Fabric

Most throw blankets may seem soft and comfortable at first touch but do not let that fool you. Some throw blankets are made of cheap fabric that will not provide you and your family the comfort you so desire. For throw blankets, it is best to look for one that is made from acrylic or polyester. Both are synthetic fibers and are soft and easy to clean. Alternatively, choose a blanket made of chenille yarn as chenille yarn combines different types of fibers and yarns including acrylic, polyester, cotton, wool, and silk so you can reap the benefits of what the individual materials have to offer. 

Discount Color Choice

Whether you use throw blankets for warmth when watching television or as an extra layer on a cold night, just because it fulfills a functional role does not mean they have to clash with your home interior. There are a wide variety of throw blankets in different colors that will complement the color scheme of your home. However, if you have scoured the internet and still have no luck in finding the perfect throw blanket, perhaps it's time to personalize one! Here at Best Cozy Throws, we offer customization services so you can create the perfect throw blanket with a color combination of your choice.

Purchase the Wrong Size

When you are purchasing a throw blanket, it is important to know what size fits your needs. If you are purchasing one for your bed, measure the size of your bed and ensure that you get one that is slightly smaller than its dimensions to prevent the blanket from overwhelming your space. 

Disregard Weight

Unless you are opting for a weighted blanket, perhaps choose a lightweight throw for more comfort. If your throw blanket is too heavy to move around, it can become cumbersome to use and you might waste your money by casting it aside eventually. 

Ignore Care Instructions

The secret to keeping your throw blanket in mint condition is following the care instructions. So pay close attention to care labels or follow the instructions on the website when washing your blankets. If you are unsure, it is always best to handwash or wash it on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

Use It Immediately

While it is exciting to receive your new blanket and you might be tempted to pull it out of its packaging to start using it immediately, that is not always the best idea. Blankets can lose their softness, even when made out of high-quality materials. Therefore, it is recommended to transfer your throw blanket to an airtight container for 24 hours before use so it can regain some of its plushness. It is also recommended that you wash your throw before placing it on your bed.

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