7 Benefits Of Comforting Your Dog With Blankets

7 Benefits Of Comforting Your Dog With Blankets

If you have ever noticed your dog snuggling in your pile of laundry or making itself comfortable on your bed, chances are, you should consider getting your dog a blanket of their own. Dogs are creatures of comfort and there are plenty of benefits of giving your dog a special blanket just for them. As they are reasonably inexpensive, blankets are a good investment to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Here are 7 benefits dog blankets can bring for your favorite four-legged friend. 

Create a Sense of Security

As pack animals, dogs acquire a sense of security by burrowing into a cozy spot. You can replicate a dog den by giving your dog their own blanket they can curl up on on the floor or inside their crate. If you have gotten a puppy or a new dog recently, they can also greatly benefit from a soft blanket in their sleeping space to help them feel at home and comfortable.

Create an Instinct to Nest

Dogs require space of their own. When your dog has its own blanket, it will retain its scent on it and know that the blanket is its spot, adding to its sense of place in your home. 

Provide a Sense of Safety during Storms

Due to certain genetic dispositions, some dogs have canine noise aversions which makes them fear loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms. Having a dog blanket doubles as a security blanket like the ones children have, giving them a cozy soft space to self-soothe, snuggle and calm themselves down.

Keep Your Dog Warm

While dogs have fur of their own, depending on the climate and breed, they can still get cold. Some dog breeds such as the Boxer, Beagle, Chihuahua, Great Dane, Greyhound, French Bulldog, Pugs, Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers are known to be more cold-blooded. Puppies and older dogs as well as skinny dogs or thin/short coated dogs also tend to need a little help keeping warm. 

Provide on-the-go Comfort

A dog blanket is an easy way to provide your dog with a comfortable resting area when traveling as they are lighter and more compact than a dog bed. Dog blankets can also help keep your dog calm in the car and new unfamiliar spaces like someone else’s home or a hotel room.

Protect Your Furniture

Not only can dog blankets benefit your dog, but they can also benefit you as well. Shielding couches, chairs or beds from muddy paws and dander, dog blankets can save you a fortune and a ton of effort cleaning or replacing furniture. With a dog blanket, you can simply toss it in the wash. 

Regulate Your Dog’s Body Temperature

Buying a blanket for your dog can help it keep warm on colder days. However, unlike a sweater or jacket, your dog will be able to remove it if they are too warm or choose to snuggle with it when they are chilly. Having a blanket to snuggle can also help your dog with a better night’s sleep.

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