5 Creative Ways To Style Your Cozy Throw Blankets

5 Creative Ways To Style Your Cozy Throw Blankets


Cozy throw blankets are an easy way to add a pop of color or texture to any interior. Whether they are hung from a lounge chair, spread over the foot of the bed, or carelessly draped over the arm of a sofa, a chic throw blanket is a great way to warm a space up. If you have recently purchased a throw blanket and are looking for some creative ways to style it in your home, read on!

Drape Your Throw Blanket

To mimic an effortless and inviting look, drape your throw blanket over a lounge chair or couch. To do this, lay the throw blanket stretched out on the floor then pinch an area of the throw blanket around the corner. Then drag the blanket by the pinched area and lay it on the side of the chair or couch. Your throw is now beautifully cascading down a side of the chair, and warmly invites you to curl up with a good book on it.  

Fold Your Throw over a Couch

Perhaps your throw blanket is going into the study and you would like to create a more formal atmosphere with it. You can do this by first folding your blanket into thirds and then laying it near one end of a couch or bench, allowing it to hang over the edge. To add some interest, choose a throw blanket with a pop of color or a tartan pattern. Now you have a clean and sophisticated space that is still chic and stylish.

Store in a Basket or Crate

As an excellent way to keep extra blankets handy, you can add a basket or crate to any room to make sure that you and your guests will always be warm in your home. Depending on the style of your room, you can toy with the type of storage you would like to use. For a more cozy or rustic look, go with a wicker basket. If your home style leans more on the industrial side, go for a wooden crate. Simply fold your blankets up or roll the blankets into a spiral then place them in the storage of your choice. A practical yet stylish way to create extra storage. 

Layer Your Throw Blankets

A great hack to create a Pinterest-worthy bedroom is by layering your throws. Plus, the more throws, the cozier the home! To create interest, extra texture, or color, start with a solid colored or neutral throw blanket as your base then drape your shorter, more decorative one on top of it. A tip to find the best pairing is to look for throws that are in the same color family but in different textures.

Use as a Bed Scarf

Perfect for those chilly nights as well as a fantastic decorative piece, drape or fold your throw blanket onto the foot of your bed. To create a more organic feel, drape the blanket on one side. For a sleeker look, fold the throw and lay it across the end of the bed at an angle. 



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